Google Sniper Review

Niche marketing does not need a whole lot of investment, but if you’re going to venture into it, you should at least try to get the most out of the time you put into it. One of the tools that could prepare you for affiliate marketing is Google Sniper. In this Google Sniper review, we’ll take a look at how it can help you with niche marketing.

Google Sniper is a one of the most popular affiliate marketing training courses. It was developed for new and seasoned marketers by George Brown with the goal of getting people to achieve better results in affiliate marketing.

George Brown is a person who has made enough money to live without working another day in his life. He does not need to. He has a lot of niche websites and other e-commerce gigs that work. And they generate profit with minimal supervision.

Google Sniper Version 3.0

Google Sniper has been around for a long time. And together with Google, the company and the course evolved.

Google Sniper Membership

To become a member, you should have websites of your own. Your websites should have at least a few pages. Those pages must appear on the first page of Google’s search engine results page. You can still join without a site, but you must be ready to build one once you join.

You can go get the aid of the company with as little as $1 or as high as $187. The amount you are willing to give correlates with the number of modules that you can learn.

The courses focus on teaching how to use niche websites in affiliate marketing. It starts with the basic steps you need to take. Some of them are getting domain names, choosing a niche, and finding keywords to bank on.

Of course, not everything in Google Sniper is good. When we started, it shocked us. It teaches everything from legit and shady practices. It does care if it follows basic online business etiquette.

The company is not exactly telling you to do the bad stuff. It is their way of exposing you on how ugly the industry. So our immediate reaction is to learn those, and move on.

The Course

Being a member of Google Sniper gives you the privilege to undergo the course. You will also receive a hundred page eBook about moneymaking. Currently, the course has 25 training modules which include modules on how to promote your website and guides on site development.

Why People Are Joining

The first reason is that it already has built a reputation over the years. Google Sniper was one of the first few pioneers when it comes to finding loopholes in Google.

The second reason is that the lessons on its course plain work. The contents are updated. George is diligent on rewriting and reconstructing the modules. The recent change he did was when Google applied massive updates to its search engine.

If you’re looking to build your niche websites and monetize them, a starter course such as Google Sniper can help you a lot.

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