How Much Can I Make with My Own Internet Marketing Business Online?

There is virtually no limit to how much you can earn with your own internet marketing business. Let’s take a look at traditional money-making method of being employed. Your main source of income will be your monthly salary. It’s fixed income.

With this as the only source of income, the average person will earn just enough to sustain their needs and lifestyle. In case you have some extra, you save it. It goes into the bank and earns very little interest. If you’re in internet marketing, however, you can grow your money in many ways.

How Much I Can Earn with Internet Marketing

On internet forums, claims of earnings with internet marketing particularly affiliate marketing may seem too big to be true. Some claim to earn tens of thousands in a month. Let’s be realistic on this one.

First off, affiliate marketing can be a lucrative online money-making endeavor. However, there is no guarantee that it will make you a millionaire in a year- no matter what a few random strangers on the Internet claim.

Earnings can be high and it can be quite low. Profits can suddenly turn exponentially high in a matter of hours or can plummet in the same span of time. With affiliate marketing, average earnings per month will be based on the type of affiliate.

Low-Level Affiliates

The focus of this type of affiliate is pocketing anything available on the web. It’s more about high margin campaigns using smaller traffic sources over economies of scale.

This means preferring affiliates through small scale Facebook Ads, POF dating campaigns and Juicy Ad buys over something more refined and targeting specific niches. It’s more about where many people can be reached regardless if they fit the niche or not.

Earnings can be minimal depending on the affiliate. Some can make $100 a day, some earn around $2 to $4. It depends on the conditions of the affiliate links. Some links pay 10-20% per sale from the link.

So if someone clicks on your affiliate link and that turned into a $50 sale, you will get paid $5-$10. That’s just for one affiliate. Some links pay up for clicks, even though it does not translate into an actual sale. This type usually pays very little, a few cents to a dollar or so.

Beginners usually go for small pays per click and aim to have many clicks in a day. An example is blogs peppered with many links. Every sentence or so contains links to different websites.

Intermediate Affiliates

The focus of this type is on smaller margins within high volume traffic sources. The margins may be smaller but there is more volume. This type is very common in the dating niche, especially in adult dating. Large traffic sources come with high competition. This means smaller profits to go around.

For those who still want to do business in this category, success is often from pop traffic and mobile marketing. Realistic income potential is about $200 to $300 a day.

High-Level Affiliates

The focus of this type is on large scalable traffic sources and mass market media buys. Convenience is often traded for direct buys. These direct buys usually come with better margins and all the earnings yours alone. This type comes with greater risks and requires larger capital. Potential income can be as high as $5,000 per DAY.

Apprentice Affiliates

The focus is variable with this type. Hence, the potential for income depends on which of the above mentioned types is employed. Do remember that affiliate marketing may have an earning capacity of $5,000 per day. That, sadly, does not mean you will regularly receive $5,000 profits every single day. It always depends. One can earn exponentially large profits one day and go bankrupt the next day.

Other Online Businesses

Affiliate marketing is not the only lucrative business online. There are many others, if you want to have more options for making profits. Take a look at this summary of earning potential of some of the popular online businesses:

  • Drop shipping – can earn as much as $7,000 and more per month, with fewer work hours.
  • Blogging – might earn, depending on niche. Some bloggers get money per blog or per share of that blog. Some may only receive products, freebies or discount coupons. However, blogging can be a lucrative business as this is often a rich ground for affiliate marketing, too.

Earning through blogs may also be through Google AdSense’s pay-per-click ads appearing on the blog. This will give only a few cents, though but it is a good for beginners to start earning while learning the ropes.

With online internet marketing business, whatever we earn is practically all ours. We don’t pay monthly rent. We don’t have debts and interests to think of because we didn’t need a large capital to start with. What we earn becomes profit- no large recurrent expenses to take away from what we earned.

It is 100% possible.

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