How to Make Money Online with Blogs

You can put up a blog and start earning from it. And if you love writing, this may not seem like a job at all. Here’s a guide on how to make money online with blogs

1. Choose a Niche

Truth be told, not everything you love to write about may pique the interest of other people. In reality, passion does not always equate to profit. Thus, it’s important to choose your niche wisely. Here’s a quick checklist to help you determine if your preferred niche is actually a good choice or not:

  • Personal Preference – the first step to choosing a niche is to determine what you’re passionate about. Remember, you will spend your entire blogging career writing about this niche. Choosing a niche that you have zero interest in will just make you bored easily.
  • Market Capacity & Demand – identify whether this niche caters to a profitable industry. Is there a significant demand in this industry? Do people regularly search for content related to this niche? If yes, then there’s a high probability that this niche will generate traffic to your blog.     
  • Affiliate Marketing Opportunities – affiliate marketing is the most common way to earn money from your blog. Do a research on the companies and brands in your niche, and see if they offer affiliate opportunities.
  • Audience Purchasing Power – affiliate marketing works best if you are able to refer sales to your partner company or brand from your blog. With this, it’s important to consider an audience that has the capacity to buy the products or services that you recommend in your blog.

Among the most profitable niches include personal finance, health and fitness, food, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. All these can be narrowed down further into several sub-niches.

2. Create Quality and Relevant Content

As a blogger, your work will primarily revolve around making content. Be sure to write what others want to read about. Remember, your job is not to find readers for your blog, but to create content that people would want to read. It’s all about creating quality content that is relevant to your audience. Yes, quality without relevance is nothing.

Likewise, a relevant content that is poorly constructed is also a major turn-off. So, write as if you’re an expert offering something useful to your readers. They’d appreciate it better if your content adds value to their lives—and they would definitely come back for more.

Another quick tip: be original. In this digital age where content have been mostly filtered or too good to be true, people are appreciating authenticity more and more. Don’t be afraid to be bold and have your own style.        

3. Generate Traffic and Engagement

Your blog won’t promote itself, of course. It’s up to you how you would establish and increase your visibility and presence online. Make good use of your social networking sites. Stay updated on the latest trends and issues. Use keywords that people use in searching for the topic that you want to tackle.

Also, make it habit to interact with your readers. More than your content, they want to feel invested in your thoughts and opinion.

4. Focus on What Makes Money

After having the essentials—niche, content, and traffic, it’s now time to monetize your blog. Here are some of the most effective methods to generate income through blogs:

  • Affiliate Marketing – through this method, you can receive a percentage of commission just by promoting a company’s product or service in your blogs, and eventually generating traffic to their sites. Some companies may even give a higher commission rate if your blog is actually able to drive sales to their websites.
  • Paid Reviewsbloggers can be effective influencers. Once a company sees your potential in influencing your audience’s buying decision, you can actually be invited to be among their online brand ambassadors.
  • Banner Ads and Ad Spaces – you can also rent out your space to companies who want to advertise their products on your blogs. You may be paid based on generated page views, number of click-throughs, and other metrics.
  • Consulting Services – if you’re on the service-provider side, this is a great avenue to make money out of your knowledge and skills on a specific field—be it photography, web development, makeup artistry, fitness, life coaching, and many more.   

Ultimately, if you really want this venture to succeed, keep in mind that consistency is the key. Write your posts regularly. Competition is tough in the blogging industry, so it’s good if you could keep hold of your audience and establish a solid following.

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