Internet Jetset Review

Why Do People Choose to Join

The immediate question when offered a business opportunity is – “Is that a scam?” Nobody wants to see all their hard-earned money go to waste. Nobody wants to be scammed. Here’s one internet marketing money-making opportunity for you that’s guaranteed legit- Internet JetSet. offers a training course to help people increase their potential for success with online marketing business. Its training course comes at a small fee. Is JetSet a scam? Let’s take a look.

What is JetSet?

The company was founded by John Crestani. It was created to provide a step-by-step training course about how to use free platforms online for generating passive online.

This course is primarily developed for affiliate marketing although you can also use many of the tips in promoting your own brand or product. Internet JetSet requires a one-time fee of $47 for its single course with 2 types of add-ons.

What is the Training Course?

The $47-training course contains a basic package divided into 10 modules. This includes:

  • a discussion about the initial commissions
  • choosing the right product/niche/offer
  • setting up WordPress sites
  • learning the best copywriting practices
  • easy integration of Amazon and Facebook for quick income
  • using Facebook and Youtube to help business
  • taking advantage of Keyword Planner tool and Google

In addition, those who will take the training course will also get information on the highest-paying affiliate networks. The course will also teach how you can join these programs and how you can succeed in each of these.

Another interesting take-away from the course is learning about John Crestani’s special technique of identifying long-tail keywords. This can be of great advantage in internet marketing.

The course will help you learn and understand the important technical details of successfully running an online business. Moreover, it will teach you how to prepare yourself for the task ahead. This includes learning to prepare your mind, identify and overcome your personal limitations, and removing the factors that can make you fail in business.

Internet JetSet also offers a $47 per month course add-on. This is a month-long subscription where you will have access to several webinars. The JetSetLIVE webinars provides up-to-date information that can aid in growing your own online business. It will also teach you more about passive internet income. Are the fees worth it or are you better off on your own?

Our Verdict on

The training course is comprehensive, practical and relevant in any type of online business. The information and skills you get learn will surely boost your chances for success, both in business and in passive income generation. The training course can help you have greater chances for success.

For the monthly subscription to the JetSetLIVE webinars, it’s a small price for valuable information. If you wish to grow as a business person or seeking to expand your business, the webinars are a great help. The fees are actually reasonable for the quality of information you get to learn. The modules are all regularly updated.

Internet marketing is dynamic and changes quickly. You should be able to adapt to the changes in a timely manner in order to succeed. Keep up with the changes and have the right tools to help you achieve your goals.

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