The Benefits of Making Money from Home Starting an Instagram Business

Contrary to what people know, Instagram has some of the most active users compared to other popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. On average, Instagram has 58 times more engagement per follower compared to Facebook and a whopping 120 times more than Twitter.

With such audience engagement, it is safe to assume that it is indeed a great platform to build your brand, engage with followers, hear their feedbacks and build relationships with them, and ultimately promote products.

Access to Analytics

Switching to an Instagram business account will give you access to your analytics called Insights. It provides you handy information on how your content works for you, your impressions, your reach, your follower information and other metrics.

Since you can break down all the data historically, from span of months to even some years, it is a competent tool to monitor your business. Know your performance and work on your weak spots.

This is a great tool to study and analyze your audiences to figure out their likes and dislikes. Doing so can work in your favor to expand your reach and gain more following according to your target market.

Reachable to Potential Customers

You can be within reach of potential customers through the Contact button exclusive for business accounts. The contact button provides users varied options. They can choose to either email or call you and it can also provide directions or give your business or personal location on a map. This is an effective tool in building a relationship with your audience.

Straightforward Advertisement Functionalities

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg bought the application, its capabilities on advertisement have rapidly expanded. You can now create your ads and choose a specific target audience based on demographics, select your budget and set a specified extent on how long your ad will run.

You can promote your ads to people by gender, age, interests as well as their location. Imagine the convenience Instagram is bringing to you.


Among other social media tools used as a platform for business, Instagram Business has its edge for its photo-centric nature. This is good for your business because people respond better to visuals.

Since Instagram is a medium for short videos and photos, with some captions although it’s not mandatory, followers are more likely to remember the visual contents and make them more likely to engage to your posts.

Time to Make a Switch

Success is hard to achieve on a business you know little about but after knowing all that aren’t you starting to think on switching your account now to an Instagram business account? It is one of the more effective ways of generating sales and bringing forth engagements.

We highly suggest that you do it now. If you’re presenting a new product or just trying to find a foothold in a niche, the opportunity presented is too good to just let it pass.

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