The Fastest Way to Earn up to $5,000 a Month with Blogging

Affiliate marketing is still the fastest way to earn money, especially for startup bloggers. There are a number of websites that offer training courses that focus on step-by-step approaches to affiliate marketing. Among these is Affiliate Blogger Pro.

Affiliate Blogger Pro in a Nutshell

Founded by Rosalind Gardner, hailed by her colleagues and students as the “Queen of Affiliate Marketing” and the author of the first comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing, Affiliate Blogger Pro offers online courses in blogging and affiliate marketing.

Aside from the comprehensive tutorials, videos, and training modules that Affiliate Blogger Pro offers, it’s also generous enough to offer affiliate opportunities not only to its members, but basically to anyone who’s willing to apply as an affiliate.

Great Learning Experience, Greater Earning Opportunities

As an Affiliate Blogger Pro member and affiliate, it’s not impossible to get a chance to earn up to $5,000 in a month simply through blogging and applying what you have learned from its courses. Signing up is also easy:

As a Member:

1. Sign up through their website at

2. Pay the membership fee of $27.

3. Create your membership account.  

4. Subscribe to their newsletter and updates.

5. Access your training materials.

As an Affiliate:

1. Create a Clickbank account.

2. Sign up to their newsletter.

3. Share their affiliate link, banner ad, and email copy to your own blog and email list.

For starters, Affiliate Blogger Pro is a good go-to website to jumpstart your blogging career and business. At a minimal membership fee, you get access not just to training modules, but also to personal website review and technical support from the founder herself and other affiliate marketing experts.

At the same time, as an affiliate, you get to earn monthly commissions from every student that you can refer to Affiliate Blogger Pro.

$5,000 in a Month—It’s Possible!

Assuming that you can get $2–$5 for every student that you refer to Affiliate Blogger Pro, that’s already $20–$50 if you can at least refer 10 students in a day. See? In just one day, you’ve already got your membership expense back.

Of course, after undergoing a series of blogging lessons and trainings, we’re sure that you can already manage to apply as an affiliate to other companies as well. Let’s say, you get to earn another $50 from all these affiliate side hustles.

That’s roughly $100 a day already or $3,000 in a month—and that’s just the beginning. Imagine the scenario once you’ve already grown your email list and partner companies—the earning possibilities are certainly countless.

Indeed, it’s highly recommended for budding bloggers to take supplementary courses on blogging to gain a better understanding of the industry and how it works. However, keep in mind that these courses may not necessarily guarantee the success of your blogging business.

These are merely guides that will lead you to the right path. Your blog’s success (and earnings) still depends on how you manage your blog, how you develop your content, and how you maintain meaningful relationships with your readers and partner companies.